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One of the top Internet of Things engineering firms talks about the future of IoT

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Internet of Things

We at Software Design Solutions believe that the so-called “Internet of Things” has only just begun to warp the fabric of our society. We’re not necessarily talking about consumer goods such as wearables and home automation devices, though the way the Internet of Things is altering our homes and daily lives is profound. We’re talking about business and industry. We’re talking about the increased efficiency in virtually every industrial and commercial process.

We are dedicated to making a difference as this revolution unfolds. That’s why Software Design Solutions has become one of the top Internet of Things engineering firms creating technology today.

The future for top Internet of Things engineering firms

The chief reason that IoT will look different in the future than it does today is that IoT is still relatively new. Many of the top Internet of Things engineering firms actually don’t have a tremendous amount of experience in the field (at Software Design Solutions we’ve been doing this since before it was called  IoT, since our inception in 2003). As Nick Jones, Vice President of Gartner, has mentioned, “The IoT demands an extensive range of new technologies and skills that many organizations have yet to master.”

Where is IoT headed? Here are our predictions:

  • Huge numbers of IoT applications will emerge: As IoT devices become more ubiquitous, the world’s application developers will begin to create increasingly large numbers of applications designed to work specifically with those devices. This increase in applications will resemble the explosion of new mobile apps that we’ve seen in the last few years as smartphone use has become ubiquitous.Data stream handling will be huge: Some IoT applications will constantly stream massive amounts of data – far too much data to be easily handled with current software paradigms. As a result, “distributed stream computing platforms” have appeared to handle large quantities of real-time data. Their use will only become more prevalent.
  • Engineering will become more important: As IoT devices become more sophisticated, they will become increasingly complex from an engineering perspective. As a result, more engineering expertise will be required. Experienced software engineers will start to filter into IoT as the field becomes more mature.
  • Networks will be a challenge: nalytics tools will also become more powerful: As IoT devices produce more and more data, analytics software will need to keep up. There will be an increasingly large demand for powerful IoT analytics programs in the next few years.
  • Security challenges will continue: Issues of IoT security have periodically shown up in the news, particularly with the semi-recent DDOS attack on Dyn, which repurposed a large number of IoT devices into a powerful botnet. This was possible because Internet-connected devices such as cameras and printers have tended to have notoriously lax security, especially against malware infections. While we expect IoT security to improve, it will continue to represent a serious challenge for IoT engineers and software developers.
  • The market will grow massively: Within 5-10 years, we expect that most industries will be heavily dependent on IoT devices. As stated, current technologies are only the beginning. IoT devices afford an unprecedented ability to acquire, analyze, and dynamically react to data at very small scales. As the Internet of Things becomes more mature, it will create a boom in industrial efficiency.

We are one of the Top Internet of Things engineering companies now, but this space is due to become very competitive. The field is attracting newcomers at a tremendous rate, many of whom will fail. If your company is going to need IoT engineering services, consider working with a company that has extensive past experience in IoT technology. And remember: This is only the beginning of the Internet of Things.





<strong>Ed Kuzemchak</strong> - Ed is the founder of Software Design Solutions. He has been creating embedded software solutions for nearly 30 years and has been the president of Software Design Solutions for over 13 years.

Ed Kuzemchak - Ed is the founder of Software Design Solutions. He has been creating embedded software solutions for nearly 30 years and has been the president of Software Design Solutions for over 13 years.