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How We Work

Start with a conversation with Ed. Even the first conversation will bring clarity to your goals and process.

All engagements start with an initial discovery call. This is nothing special on the face of it; of course that is where something like this often starts. But what is different about this call is that you will be speaking to Ed Kuzemchak, our chief technology officer.

Ed founded Software Design Solutions in 2003; back then, we specialized in embedded systems—adding digital functionality to non-digital devices—and logically evolved into full-scale Internet of Things development.

Ed is passionate about IoT and embedded systems that make sense, from a technical and business perspective. He’s solved hundreds of problems that are common to these types of efforts; his experience and desire to learn will make this a rewarding conversation for you, even if you don’t end up working with us.

If you do decide to partner with us, here’s what will happen.

Partnering with Us

We will have a deep conversation about everything you’re trying to accomplish and what you’ve done so far. We will be able to recommend possible approaches, and agree on next steps.

We will scope out the project, breaking it into logical and affordable segments that will allow us to test theories as we build out proofs of concept and prototypes.

As we go through the development stages together, your team and ours will discuss the processes we’re all using and what we’re learning, and make adjustments as needed.

If there are times when our team delivers and then your team has to work, we can wait until we are in sync again. The same people who were working on the project will be able to rejoin the project (with rare exceptions; this is the norm). We’ve structured our company to make this work for our clients, and we enjoy a staff longevity that makes this possible.

Whatever we develop for you will have security built in from the start, and will accommodate necessary privacy and regulatory compliance requirements.

We can help you well beyond the development stage, conducting user testing and helping with market acceptance. We can even be there for you, months or even years later, when it’s time to build the next version. Again, it’s very likely that the same team will be available to you, reducing the need for extensive ramp-up.

Got questions?

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and encourage you to set up a discussion with Ed.

Whether you need Your Own Team, a Partner in Innovation, or specialized expertise in IoT security, our team led by Ed Kuzemchak has the skills and experience to guide you down the path towards an efficient, cost-effective solution that works. We look forward to discussing your needs and ideas with you.