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Frank Zinghini

President and CEO

Frank serves as president of Software Design Solutions. He is also the founder and CEO of Applied Visions, the parent company of Software Design Solutions. His goal in founding Applied Visions was to build a software development company focused on the power of visual applications – where skilled developers, researchers and designers could create cutting-edge software in a supportive environment tailored to their needs. Frank has led the organization’s growth from its basement-office beginnings to the multi-location commercial and government-focused solution provider it is today. His passion for the power of technology and the idea of making the complex simple remains as strong today as it was when he initially created the organization in 1987.

Ed Kuzemchak

CTO and Director, Embedded and IoT Engineering

Ed is the founder of Software Design Solutions. He has been creating embedded software solutions for nearly 30 years and has been the president of Software Design Solutions for over 13 years. The company provides embedded system software development, desktop application development, and software process improvement consulting. Software Design Solutions is also able to provide temporary software engineers for projects greater than the scope of its clients abilities and to provide experienced programmers to companies who need to focus on other lines of business.

Sam Fahnestock

Sam Fahnestock

Engineering Manager and Lead Security Engineer

As Lead Security Engineer, Sam is responsible for maintaining the high security standards across SDS projects. An ICAgile-certified Agile Coach, Sam also works with team members across the company to implement and maintain Agile processes and practices.

Before joining SDS, Sam worked for the United States Air Force, providing cybersecurity support, including vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, and managing the cyber defense team.