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Your own Team

Hire professional IoT and Embedded Designers, as you need them.

Our Customers

When you set out to build an embedded or IoT system, you have a specific goal in mind. You may wish to bring a completely new concept to market, or add intelligence to an existing physical item.

In all cases, we find that our clients bring their own “domain experts” to the effort; people who have years of experience with that type of product, solution, and situation. They’ve been experimenting, documenting, and learning for a long time, and their contributions are based on solving problems in real-world environments.

The Right Approach

We’ve also heard sad stories about how full-of-themselves digital specialists have come into a project with a dismissive attitude and a large price tag. “We don’t need to see all that older data,” they say. “We will start from scratch and build a (7-figure!) system that will revolutionize the industry! Just leave it to us.”

We think this is wrong. It’s a recipe for disaster, in fact. Your domain experts will find themselves looking at the fancy presentations and thinking, “This isn’t going to work!”

How We Help

Instead, we first sit down with your domain experts and try to learn as much as we can from their experience. We respect their wisdom. We know that the most productive and cost-effective efforts come from your domain experts working with our domain experts to create something new, affordable to develop, and successful in the market.

And we will work in a way that will be easy on your budget, building a proof of concept first, then a prototype, learning together as we go.


We know we are coming into the middle of your movie. What you need will depend on where you are in your quest and who you already have on staff.

What does “your own team” mean?

Quite often, because IoT and embedded systems involve software, firmware, and hardware, you might be working on one element and we might be working on another. Sometimes we finish our part and then it takes time for the other parts to be completed.

We have structured our company so that the right types of people can be brought into your situation. Then, as the project goes through its different phases, the longevity of our staff means that you can rely on that same person or people being available when it’s time for us to jump in again. Your own team, ready when you are.

Let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll see where we might be able to help.