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Rugged Environments

Sometimes IoT and embedded devices live a tough life! We have a variety of solutions for these environments.

While IoT systems and applications exchange data in a non-physical network, the sensors that collect the data are physical components that are placed in a physical environment. Many times, these environments are rugged or hazardous, which create certain challenges when it comes to IoT design and development. 

Depending on where your IoT sensors need to capture data, they may be subjected to:

  • Excessive heat
  • Extreme cold
  • Drastic temperature changes
  • Moisture
  • Vibrations
  • Impact

Rugged and hazardous environments demand a completely different kind of hardware that can withstand these conditions. We work with clients to make the appropriate recommendations for the best hardware to use given the environmental conditions. We do this for proof of concept (POC) and for final deployment.

In fact, we make a clear distinction between a POC and product delivery. A POC needs to be quick, to demonstrate the value of the data and to make sure you’re measuring the right data. It doesn’t need to withstand the harsh environmental conditions for a year or more. A quick POC may be able to leverage some off-the-shelf components that can withstand rugged conditions for a shorter duration, so we can prove the value and ROI of the project. Once the value has been demonstrated, we use our deep expertise to identify the right hardware to stand up under long-term rugged or hazardous conditions. We find this approach helps clients gain executive level buy-in and support for a project, so you can obtain the necessary budget for a full build.

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